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5 Essential reasons to try Bitter Melon

1 THE OKINAWAN DIET Bitter melon (also known a gōyā) is a staple ingredient in the traditional Okinawan diet, and may help explain why the Okinawan population enjoys some of the world’s longest lifespans.   2 IT’S SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO HELP REGULATE BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS. Researchers have identified a range of chemical compounds (namely charantins, insulin-like peptides, and alkaloids) within the bitter melon plant, all of which contain anti-diabetic and hypoglycemic effects.   3 IT MAY HELP REDUCE CHOLESTEROL AND TRIGLYCERIDES. Evidence from animal and in vitro studies have shown that bitter melon extracts can produce decreased levels of lipids, cholesterol and triglycerides. Researchers attribute these effects to the plant’s ability to induce lipid and fat metabolizing gene expression.  ...

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4 Immunity Boosters You Should Be Eating Every Day

Love may be a battlefield, but life itself – it’s a war zone. Seriously and literally. Scientists recently documented that the bacterial cell count on planet earth has reached 50 million for every 1 gram of soil. We may have the brains, but they, my fellow sapiens, have the numbers. Your immune system is the one thing standing between you and complete physiological mayhem. So if you came to win, (if you came to lose, you’re free to go, but everyone else will watch you leave, so, we can’t promise you won’t be judged), you’re going to want to send in reinforcements. Here are 4 simple ingredients you can add to your day to help shore up your defenses.

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