Created by Nature, Perfected by Science

When we set out to develop our first product, Brolico, we weren’t looking to create a new category of supplement; we just wanted a better approach to preventative health.

We believed that approach would begin with phytonutrients. So we challenged our team of scientists to examine the phytonutrient content of every fruit, vegetable and plant they could think of, in search of something with a natural tendency to raise the cellular activity of the immune system.

The result was a new kind of supplement: a single, plant-based phytonutrient extracted using technology designed specifically to draw out the nutrient in quantities that could make it not only accessible to the body, but potent enough to produce real, measurable change.


What’s so good about phytonutrients? EVERYTHING from antioxidant properties, to cell communication, to immune system support.

These nutrients are what a plant creates to protect itself from health threats such as bacteria, pathogens, and environmental hazards. And studies have shown that when consumed, these compounds extend their health benefits to the human body.

But phytonutrients play hard to get. These tough little compounds are usually locked safely behind a thick cell wall, that is not easily broken into; blending, chopping, and even the digestion process are typically not enough. Add to that the steadily decreasing nutrient content of our soil, and the widespread use of chemicals, pesticides and GMOs and one thing becomes abundantly clear: we aren’t getting enough phytonutrients from our diet.



Our patented phyto-thermal extraction process is the heart and soul of every product we develop. It’s what separates our products from every other supplement on the shelf. Unlike traditional methods, we extract our phytonutrients without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents, which means our phytonutrients retain their natural composition and purity.

But it’s not just purity that matters–it’s also potency.

Without high enough potency, the body isn’t able to absorb and utilize the nutrient. Our process is specifically designed to produce the potency levels required for bioavailability, ensuring that the benefits of the nutrient are readily available to the body.

This process is the result of nearly a decade of university partnerships, scientist collaborations, clinical studies, and volumes of phytonutrient research. It’s also, we hope, the beginning of a better approach to preventative health: plant-based phytonutrients for all.

Research & Development

Clinical Human Trial of Goyamin Shows Reduced LDL Cholesterol Levels

Clinical Human Trial of Brolico Shows Increased NK Cell Activity

Performance Comparison of Immune Boosting Ingredients


Evaluation method
for innate immunity activation

Establishes a more accurate process for the measurement of immune system activity

US Patent: US8313779

Dr. Hiroki Kinoshita